Only great passion can make great things happen

At SAIGON FOOD, we desire to bring optimal solutions

for women to care of family meals.

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We believe that

Ingredients are the key

to every good dish

We select ingredients strictly based on 3 principles:
We deliver fresh and delicious products

with Japanese standards

With our advanced food technology,

SAIGON FOOD is proud to be a pioneer in delivering new and innovative products of excellent quality.



We ensure

Absolute freshness & safety for our products. 

Own advanced technology from Japan.

Along with extended experiences working with Japanese partners, SAIGON FOOD owns the most advanced technology that are transferred directly from Japan. Therefore, we are confident about our capability to meet the strictest criteria for selection from Japanese and global processing partners. With the Japanese spirit instilled deeply in our work culture, SAIGON FOOD are committed to deliver delicious food products that are truly natural, developed from the heart and with serious and professional attitudes. 

Excellent quality comes from not only expertise but also strong love for products
 At SAIGON FOOD, product quality is of critical importance. Thus, we have developed a huge team of industry experts for each product category we serve. By doing this, we can create excellent products that deliver great nutritional balance and fit with consumers’ taste.

At SAIGON FOOD, we love what we create. We work with our heart & passion to achieve perfection.

With years of undying

passion & commitment 

Sharing smart cooking solutions

with women

Tips and tricks
 Tips and tricks for better cooking and time-saving so that you can take better care of yourself and loved ones. 
For meals that are

Delicious & cozy